The path today is “Frustrations”. How do you deal with your frustrations?

We all have some frustration in our lives, whether it be traffic, the weather, people, etc….  Do you get upset? Angry? Do you take it out on your loved ones?

I feel that “our expectations” are the cause of many of our frustrations.


When we go to the grocery store we expect a clerk to be at the counter to ring up our purchases. When no one is there we get a little irritated. Then as the clerk scans our purchases we expect the item & the correct price to be in the system. How many times has this not happened? So we get a little more aggravated due to having to wait for someone else to come over to fix this problem.

Our partner/wife/husband/BFF, etc.  forgets an important date/anniversary. We may get angry, upset, feel worthless, etc.

We need something from someone else to finish a project that we have been working on. That someone never gets it to you or when you get it you can’t use it for whatever reason. Again, we get irritated, maybe even angry.

So I ask, Why do we have these expectations? Especially of other people. People are people – Our agendas are not the same. So why do we allow ourselves to get frustrated by other people’s actions (or non actions). Is it going to change the situation? Maybe, but more than likely no.

I personally try to change my attitude about a situation. I have control over my attitude. I do not have control over others actions. Now don’t think that I don’t get upset & frustrated because trust me I do! But I do try to make a conscious effort to not get so frustrated over things that I have no control over. Plus, my frustration usually ends up with me having a headache – is it really worth it?

Just for today take a few steps on a different path…