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Sending Reiki

Sending Reiki


My Way

My Way

Don’t Feel Guilty


Don't Feel Guilty


Learn to be HappyThere is no one right path to awareness and each of us has our own path that is perfect for us.

Be Happy

Be Happy Be Yourself

“Just get happy now! ‘But I can’t until I get a better job” Just get happy now! “But I can’t until I get more money” Just get happy now! “But I can’t until my body looks better”. If you’re waiting around for someone or something to change, before you can feel better, you’re in deep doo-doo! Everything you ever wanted is for one reason only, you think in the having of it, it’ll make you feel better…just find a way, anyway to get happy now, and what you want will be able to come into your experience. Like attracts like. You can’t be happy now, if you’re angry at yourself for not having it.” – Abraham _Hicks


Different Roads


We each have our own path that we must take. Others may not agree but it is not up to them. You may choose that path because you have something to learn. Don’t let others determine your path. Go with what you feel inside…



Our True Path

Really Are

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