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Different Roads


We each have our own path that we must take. Others may not agree but it is not up to them. You may choose that path because you have something to learn. Don’t let others determine your path. Go with what you feel inside…

Our True Path

Really Are

Walk Your Path

walk your path

Connect to Nature

Connect to Nature


Disappointment can be detrimental to our health and well being if we allow it to be. It happens to all of us. We have to choose not to allow it to become so overwhelming that it disrupts our lives. For whatever reason we depend on other people for our own happiness, pats on the back, to feel accepted, validated, etc… Disappointment can be totally devastating if we have put so much expectation onto others and they don’t deliver.

We each have OUR OWN journey. The paths we choose are chosen because we feel that is what we needed to do at that time. Whether it is right, wrong or indifferent it is what we choose. You have and continue to journey down your own paths. We must allow others to do the same even if it means they take a different path than what we have chosen for them. The person/s we have invested so much time and energy on chooses a different path that we feel is not in their best interest. This is where Disappointment arises.Take the time to really think about it and ask yourself why have you put so much expectation onto this person/s. Why are you allowing this person/s to CONTROL your feelings?

Something that we need to remember is that every action has a consequence. Sometimes we have to get burnt to realize the fire is hot. As hard as it may be we have to let others journey down their own paths and allow them to accept the consequences of their own actions.

Don’t allow disappointment to take away the joy of living each day to it’s fullest. The choice is yours…

Your Path

Being Thankful

Each morning I drink my coffee outside on the front porch as I enjoy the twilight before the dawn. It’s my favorite time of the day – Unbelievably peaceful! I am so thankful for each and every day!

“Being Thankful” is a path that everyone needs to travel but there are those that never realize this is a path they need to spend some time on. It’s so easy to take our lives for granted as we fall into our usual routines. We just go about our daily duties and don’t take the time to look and notice all the wonderful things around us. We may sometimes feel so overwhelmed with our responsibilities and feel buried beneath burdens that we can’t see what we have to be thankful for. I use my coffee time every morning to express my thanks for this day, my thanks for being able to hear the wonderful songs all the birds are singing, my thanks for being able to feel the breeze blowing, my thanks that I am able to go to work to a job I enjoy everyday. “Be Thankful”

Always remember, “Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about”  ~unknown~

Along your journey you will venture onto many different paths. There will be crossroads, forks & obstacles. What path will you take? How will you decide?

I’ve pretty much followed the beat of my own drum for most of my life, therefore my journey has taken me on many paths less traveled. I am so OKAY with that! Every step of the way has brought me to who I am today. Be confident in your choices and be willing to face the consequences that arise. Every action has a consequence.

Just for today take a few steps onto a different path…


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